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We give free quotes over the phone, then pay cash for junk cars and pick them up where they're located with no additional charge to customers.
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Who We Are

We are a licensed, bonded and insured motor vehicle dealer in the state of Georgia that specializes in disposing of junk vehicles and have been recycling cars since 2001. We are a local, Atlanta family-owned operation. When you call us, you are talking directly to the company that will be picking up your car.

Please Note:

Don't invite someone to your home because they nailed a sign to a telephone pole! Don't call two men in a broken down truck, dragging a tow dolly. We frequently see ads online that read, "No keys, no title, no problem. No questions asked." That is not a legitimate business. If the car rolls down the hill and into a house, do you think they have insurance? If they damage your property, will they pay? What if the car falls off the dolly on I-285 and the state of Georgia says YOU are the registered owner?! We don't do this for beer money. We are a legitimate business. We have been hearing some horror stories lately about fly-by-night operators...damaged property, stolen property, trying to renegotiate the price for your car when they arrive, never showing up, cars being abandoned in parking lots, titles not getting canceled properly (which means you're still the registered owner...liable for tag, property taxes, impound fees, parking tickets, lawsuits!). Please be careful who you call to pick up your junk car!

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 If we can't answer your call, please leave a message. We get comments all the time about other companies not answering the phone and not returning messages. We always call you back, but we do get busy and often have more than one call come in at a time. Thanks!